Conflict Intervention

Conflict is responsible for many costly problems in the corporate environment including turnover, stress, delays, and poor decisions. It can turn an effective relationship or team into an organizational bottleneck or, at worst, create a growing environment of distrustful factions that can bring a department or an entire company to a halt.

In these acute and difficult situations, ALC can provide critical skills to bring the conflict to a productive resolution. We offer several services that can be mixed and matched to the specific situation and organizational need:

  • Evaluation
  • Assessment
  • Recommendation

Our team can work, usually in conjunction with a senior manager or Human Resources, to quickly and objectively assess a conflict situation, evaluate options and possible solutions, and make a recommendation for the resolution of the conflict – whether between two individuals, an individual and their team, or between groups of people. We understand and appreciate that time is usually of the essence, and our team is prepared to act accordingly.

This service usually involves interviews with the parties involved and those effected by the conflict. If appropriate and approved by the client, we will also use individual and team assessment instruments to gather objective data on the personalities and dynamics involved. Recommendations are made in brief written form and explained and discussed as necessary.

Conflict Interventions

It is common for the client to engage ALC to facilitate and implement all or part of the recommendations we have made for a particular conflict situation. These situations are similar to executive coaching and team building engagements, but they usually have the heightened levels of immediacy, intense emotional content, and potentially very negative outcomes for individuals and teams.

Setting the Stage for Resolution – The ALC Team will assist the organization in clearly defining the vision for success – the desired positive outcomes of resolution and the current and potential consequences of continuing the conflict. Taking into account assessments, evaluations, and recommendations, the ALC collaborates with the parties involved to establish measurable goals, deliverables, if any, and timelines.

Coaching to Resolution – A customized, time-sensitive combination of one-on-one coaching, facilitated meetings, Leading from the Center, and emotional support and processing as necessary will be utilized to help the parties come to resolution on the immediate conflict and move into a more productive relationship with others and conflict in general.

Upon resolution, the ALC Team will make recommendations to the client on supporting the results of the intervention as well as suggesting possible individual, team, and organizational opportunities for enhanced conflict management and intra and interpersonal skill building.

If you or your organization are faced with a conflict situation that is limiting growth or deteriorating morale and productivity, contact the Authentic Leadership Center today – we’ll make a difference.