I was always fearful of conflict… the training really changed my ability to assert what I wanted in a respectful way.

Holly, chief op officer

I was successful, I had a great family, yet there was a lot of unhappiness.  I just wasn’t feeling satisfied.

The training really changed my life.

Rod, business owner

I was just saying yes to everything and drowning in work, responsibilities and obligations.

Leigh, director admin services

One week after the training I feel less burdened, more centered, more alive, less alone, better able to cope, and better supported by both others and myself.

andrew elowitt, executive coach/consultant

I have been stumbling through life trying to find myself for much of my adulthood, and I finally found what I have been searching for all these years during the 8 day retreat with ALC. The experience was so enriching that I returned for a second session. Now I walk through the world with the confidence that I am enough. Thanks to this program I can embrace my authentic self and speak my truth.  – Tram-anh Nguyen, School Psychologist

Tram-anh nguyen, school psychologist

ALC showed me in the most gracious, gentle, loving way how to think and feel differently about myself and my role in this world. I discovered my magnificence and came to see myself as worthy of much more than I ever believed myself to be.

Sue mcpherson

It’s been almost a month since my training experience and I can’t express to you all the peace and centeredness that I feel! Everyone notices how different I am. As I told my neighbor, “It’s a miracle!” Thank you a thousand fold!!

sharon riegel, therapist

I got a vast amount more than I came for. I was skeptical before I came, however it was the most incredible experience I have ever been through. It was revealing, growth producing, inspiring, and magical. It was work , and difficult at many junctions, however I felt safe, and loved enough to trust my coaches, leaders and the process. I am awed by the incredible attention to detail that the leaders have obviously put into every facet.

cathi bunker, sales representative

Leading from the Center was a life changing experience that provided me with an incredibly balanced, gentle process in which I was able to discover my heart, conquer my fears and free myself from my past. I am still amazed at the structure of the entire process. There was such a wonderful mix of work involving feelings, training and learning, fun and laughter, and community building.

sheila simmons, school district executive

The training at ALC was one of the best personal growth opportunities of my life. The love and support throughout the process continues to stay with me years later.

kristin kaminski, psy.d.

I got a lot more than what I came for. I expected it to be inspiring and educational, but I did not expect it to be life-altering.

Alicia Stammer, organizational consultant.

I didn’t know what I came for, really. I was at the lowest point of my life when I began the 8 days. At the end of the 8 days, my life was changed completely. I no longer can tell the same story. I am worthy, deserving, and capable.

suzanne king, school district superintendent

I definitely got what I came for. I feel comfortable in my own skin, I walk with my head held high and I look directly into the eyes of the person I’m speaking with. I’m interested in making sure I’m happy even if it doesn’t make others happy. I’m willing to take the risk of rejection. I’m much more confident with who I am and I’m happier for it!

crystal cochran, student