Due to COVID-19, we have modified most of our activities to be online by Zoom. Zoom links are provided in the ALC E-Notes, which you can contact us to receive. You can also contact the event lead to get the Zoom link.

Mission Statement

The Authentic Leadership Center is joyously committed to helping people come to resolution with the parts of themselves that may get in the way of fully stepping into who they are.

We do this through experiential training, support groups, seminars, consulting, and coaching, utilizing researched and proven modalities for both intra-personal and interpersonal healing and growth.

A woman presents a collage of pictures two a group of three other people.

workshops and training

A group of people huddle together standing in a circle with their arms around one another.

support groups

Two people pose for a photo in front of a table full of art supplies with paintings on the wall behind them.


Leading From the Center

Our 8-day life changing training. Start your journey today.

Living Authentically

Peer led support group every other week.

Professional development Services

Executive Coaching, Team Building, and Conflict Intervention


I am still amazed at the structure of the entire process. There was such a wonderful mix of work involving feelings, training and learning, fun and laughter, and community building.

sheila simmons, school district executive

Without question the single greatest investment I have ever made in ME. I came mostly to find out if I am indeed lovable. I am. I am NOT broken.

kent mulkey, senior care center director

Your process allowed me the ability to leave behind the pain I came in with, and to take with me an immense amount of love that I did not have when I came here. I am so grateful!

cathy bradley, mortgage service representative