Leading From The Center

Authentic Leadership Center’s flagship training Leading from the Center is a supportive and transformative journey that nudges you back to the center of yourself – where true leadership begins. A leader is often charismatic or inspiring because they have mined the wealth of their own potential and have learned to lead their life from the greatness within.

This deeply personal training sharpens your understanding of what works for you – and doesn’t – supporting you to maximize what does and reduce what doesn’t. It is an individualized, results-oriented program that focuses on authenticity, core-values, and personal choice. You will gain a sense of confidence and clarity that impacts all facets of your daily life.

The two-session, eight-day training is dedicated to reconnecting you with what is truly important in your life and helping you put that clarity into action.

Common Outcomes

  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Realize strengths and passion to step into a fuller, more satisfying and meaningful life
  • Develop deep communication skills for expressing personal truth and making healthy, meaningful connections
  • Find and celebrate the uniqueness and magnificence inside each person

what we believe

  • Everyone has the capacity for life affirming changes
  • There is expressed and unexpressed magnificence in all of us
  • We are most whole when we act and live with the integration of heart, body, mind, and spirit
  • Life lived from appreciation, gratitude, love, and service is empowering and transforming for ourselves and the people and organizations with whom we are involved.

I got a lot more than what I came for. I expected it to be inspiring and educational, but I did not expect it to be life-altering.

Alicia Stammer, Organizational consultant

Participant Experiences

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Basic themes

Self Awareness
  • You are whole and complete right now – it’s not about fixing what’s broken; it’s about expanding your possibilities
  • Change begins with changing self – it’s an inside out job
  • Seeking a wider perspective, receiving feedback, asking for help
  • Expanding the choices available to you – making authentic choices
  • Finding and developing your voice
Healing & Growth
  • Forgiveness – letting go of the past
  • Appreciation, gratitude – active joy with what you have
  • Healing – resolving the blocks that hold you back
  • Shame reduction
Relational Competence
  • Participating in a learning community
  • Collaboration
  • Effective communication and listening skills
  • Developing self-expression – sharing your authentic self with others
Balance & Integration
  • Integrating and balancing the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual parts that make up the authentic self
  • Choosing from this balanced self is your essence in action


Leading from the Center explores these training themes and various learning styles by creating a learning community of participants, coaches and facilitators that utilizes both group and individual activities and many different learning modalities including interactive lecture, group experiential exercises, role-playing, meditation, movement, skill-building, writing, and sharing.

Our emphasis is on collaboration, compassion, and emotional and physical safety. The goal of the leadership team and the volunteer coaches is to create an environment for deep, transformative learning and growth.

Who should attend?

Leading from the Center is designed for motivated adults seeking deeper understanding of themselves and how they can step completely into who they are. We work individually with each person who is interested in the training to develop a success plan to maximize the benefits of the training.

who facilitates?

The training is facilitated by Maril Cardwell, Chris Mathe, Gayle Mathe, Ayleen O’Connell, and Lou Zweier. Between them, they have over 100 years of experience in intensive, experiential small group trainings.

In addition to the facilitators, the coaching staff is comprised of a diversity of experienced volunteer coaches who are Leading from the Center graduates and have attended coach trainings as well.


The tuition for Leading from the Center is $2,995. Family, sliding scale, and professional discounts are available. The price of each training includes hotel accommodations for the 5-day session, three months of training group reunions for additional skill building, and three months of Living Authentically, ALC’s ongoing peer support group. ALC’s commitment: finances should not be the reason you do not experience the training. Contact us to learn more!

****Satisfaction guaranteed**** If, after completion, you are not satisfied with your Leading from the Center training, the Authentic Leadership Center will refund your tuition fees minus the non-refundable deposit if you request the refund within 30 days after completing your 8-day training.

We host three Leading from the Center trainings each year.

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I am looking at everyone I come in contact with from a very different perspective. I am a much healthier man overall. I thank you all for everything. You have truly changed my life. It was the most rewarding experience of my life!

bob miska, insurance consultant

Did I get what I came for? Yes, and much more! What a feeling to feel free and to wonder in the unlimited universe!

Jean Wang, consultant