Leadership & Executive Coaching

The ALC Team is committed to coaching executives to greatly enhance their performance by expanding their capacities in awareness, leadership, communication, mentoring, and management. The ALC Team is highly effective in coaching executives and leaders in three important situations:

  • Executives identified by their organization as future leaders – people they wish to develop for positions of great importance.
  • Individuals, valued for their technical competencies, which have deficiencies in key leadership areas that prevent them from further responsibilities (e.g. a technical manager weak in interpersonal skills).
  • Leaders moving into a new environment as a result of hire, transfer, merger, or acquisition. Assisting such an individual to assimilate into a new team can be especially effective for recruiting and retention.

All of ALC’s executive coaching engagements generally involve four distinct phases utilizing coaching processes and techniques designed to improve productivity, results, and retention. The four phases are:


Depending on the engagement, assessment could be a simple interview with the executive or could expand into a complete, detailed, analysis of the leader and how he/she fits into the organization through formal assessment instruments and interviews with the leader, peers, subordinates, and superiors.

Goals and deliverable agreements

Crucial to the success of coaching is the collaboration on goals, methods, and measurement between the leader, the ALC Team, and the organization leadership. A detailed plan is created that includes measurable goals, deliverables, and timelines.

Coaching to achieve stated results

A customized combination of one-on-one coaching, team facilitation, shadowing, Leading from the Center, and on-going reading and homework, will be utilized to help the executive learn new skills and make specific, agreed-upon changes.

Follow up and maintenance support

The ALC Team will measure the executive’s capacity improvements and create a support system for the retention and expansion of these capacities. Contact the Authentic Leadership Center to discuss how we might help you and your organization plan for leadership excellence.