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The ALC Team is committed to coaching executives to greatly enhance their performance by expanding their capacities in awareness, leadership, communication, mentoring, and management. The ALC Team is highly effective in coaching executives and leaders in three important situations:

  • Executives identified by their organization as future leaders – people they wish to develop for positions of great importance.
  • Individuals, valued for their technical competencies, which have deficiencies in key leadership areas that prevent them from further responsibilities (e.g. a technical manager weak in interpersonal skills).
  • Leaders moving into a new environment as a result of hire, transfer, merger, or acquisition. Assisting such an individual to assimilate into a new team can be especially effective for recruiting and retention.
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The Authentic Leadership Center offers several workshops and seminars specifically designed for corporate venues. Each can be tailored to your organization and be presented on-site or at the ALC Training Center. Each of the events is presented and facilitated by one or more of the Managing Partners of ALC.

  • Communicating and listening for success
  • Conflict resolution – turning conflict into an asset
  • Optimism in the workplace – using signature strength
  • Living effectively – aligning goals, strengths, and time
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Building effective teams is one of the primary goals of most leaders. Whether the team is an on-going entity, like a department or an executive board, or a temporary arrangement for a special task or event, all teams go through phases of development, have explicit or implicit goals, have interdependence among its members, and must perform.

The Authentic Leadership Center provides teams with explicit training, facilitation, and process development in the vital areas of:

  • Defining and establishing the team’s mission, goals, and roles
  • Decision making
  • Communicating and listening effectively
  • Conflict management and resolution
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Conflict is responsible for many costly problems in the corporate environment including turnover, stress, delays, and poor decisions. It can turn an effective relationship or team into an organizational bottleneck or, at worst, create a growing environment of distrustful factions that can bring a department or an entire company to a halt.

In these acute and difficult situations, ALC can provide critical skills to bring the conflict to a productive resolution. We offer several services that can be mixed and matched to the specific situation and organizational need:

  • Evaluation
  • Assessment
  • Recommendation

Professional Development Made Personal

We are dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organizations realize all their potential.

The Authentic Leadership Center is dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organizations realize all their potentials. The ALC Team has many years of experience in producing outstanding results for leaders and their teams.

No longer are the so-called “soft skills” of self awareness, listening, communicating, motivating, conflict resolution, leading, and mentoring relegated to the “touchy-feely” dustbin. All the research in the past several years shows that such capacities are much more important to individual, team, and organizational success than technical knowledge or IQ.

The message is clear: Enhancing the performance of leaders and teams must include training in these intra and interpersonal capacities.

We all want to know that we’ve done something special on this earth, that there is a purpose to our existence.

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