Leading from the Center – Spring Training

Session 1: April 21 – 23

Session 2: May 3 – 7

Authentic Leadership Center’s flagship training Leading from the Center is a supportive and transformative journey that nudges you back to the center of yourself – where true leadership begins. A leader is often charismatic or inspiring because they have mined the wealth of their own potential and have learned to lead their life from the greatness within.

This deeply personal training sharpens your understanding of what works for you – and doesn’t – supporting you to maximize what does and reduce what doesn’t. It is an individualized, results-oriented program that focuses on authenticity, core-values, and personal choice. You will gain a sense of confidence and clarity that impacts all facets of your daily life.

The two-session, eight-day training is dedicated to reconnecting you with what is truly important in your life and helping you put that clarity into action.

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Apr 21 2023 - May 07 2023


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ALC Leadership Team


ALC Leadership Team