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Video Testimonials about Leading from the Center

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Testimonials about Leading from the Center

"It is like a new beginning for me, and the thing I love most is looking at challenges as a chance to "stretch" who I am rather than something to cause fear or apprehension. Being a bit uncomfortable has a new meaning now…it doesn't mean "watchout, something may go wrong" it means "here we go, this is going to be a stretch and you will be okay, go for it"." Jon Rotz - Teacher and Basketball Coach

"Overall, I got about 1000x more than what I came for... I didn't understand 'clarity' - now I do. I would recommend a large scale campaign to make this program available to as many humans as possible. This is a true path to making the world the place it was originally ment to be." Greg Fox - Electrical Engineering Contractor, Manager of Drafting

"I am still amazed at the structure of the entire process. There was such a wonderful mix of work involving feelings, training and learning, fun and laughter, and community building. " Sheila Simmons – School District Executive

"The difference in this program was the love from everyone. It opened my heart in a safe environment and allowed me to break through barriers I have never been able to break through before." Albert Thomas – Real Estate Investor

"It's been almost a month since my training experience and I can't express to you all the peace and centeredness that I feel! Everyone notices how different I am. As I told my neighbor, “It's a miracle!” Thank you a thousand fold!!" Sharon Riegel – Therapist

"I did not get what I came for. What I got was almost beyond description. It was like digging through the ruins of an ancient civilization and reconnecting the pieces. When I was finished I was able to hold up my artifact to my peers, not fearing their response... I did not sacrifice my self perceived masculinity by being led by someone else to a place I may not have visited before. I believe that through my vulnerability that I increased my “manliness”. Now I can see, feel, listen and comprehend effectively. How can you do any better than that?" Mike Mudge – Cowboy - Retired

"I got more than I came for! I was hoping to have the experiences I had in the program and I ended up getting a deeper and more enriching experience than I had imagined I’d get. " René Leclerc– Systems Analyst

"I got a lot more than what I came for. I expected it to be inspiring and educational, but I did not expect it to be life-altering. " Alicia Stammer – Organizational Consultant

"I got more than I expected. I anticipated picking up some tools to enhance by ability to deal more effectively with people. I did accumulate plenty of tools that I am currently applying in my life. On top of those tools, I learned to have more faith in myself and confidence in my abilities... I am extremely gratified what I got from the session. Thank you." Rich Taylor – Small Business Loan Manager

"I got a vast amount more than I came for. I was skeptical before I came, however it was the most incredible experience I have ever been through. It was revealing, growth producing, inspiring, and magical. It was work , and difficult at many junctions, however I felt safe, and loved enough to trust my coaches, leaders and the process. I am awed by the incredible attention to detail that the leaders have obviously put into every facet." Cathi Bunker – Sales Representative

"[My coaches] were so perceptive, responsive, and insightful, it brings tears to my eyes to think of my experience with them (I’m feeling very grateful right now)." Anita Evans – Accountant

"Without question the single greatest investment I have ever made in ME. I came mostly to find out if I am indeed lovable. I am. I am NOT broken." Kent Mulkey – Senior Care Center Director

"I wouldn’t trade any of the 8 days for anything. It was the hardest work I have ever done and the most rewarding experience I have ever had." Sheila Simmons – School District Executive

"One week after the training I feel less burdened, more centered, more alive, less alone, better able to cope, and better supported by both others and myself." Andrew Elowitt – Executive Coach/Consultant

"I loved the workshop; I wish I could have stayed for days more! I got so much more than I ever imagined. I was very pleasantly surprised each day and with each exercise." Kathryn Joy Peters – Therapist

"I absolutely got what I came for. The fact that I was allowed to have so much influence in the direction and pace made the program more powerful. Thank you!" Cathy Bradley – Mortgage Services Representative

"I didn't know what I came for, really. I was at the lowest point of my life when I began the 8 days. At the end of the 8 days, my life was changed completely. I no longer can tell the same story. I am worthy, deserving, and capable." Suzanne King – School District Superintendent

"I know feedback is best when it is most specific, but I just can't help raving about everything in general. Everyone involved gives so much of themselves, and I can't say enough how much it is appreciated." Erin Leebolt – Real Estate Investor

"I did not know what to expect and I was proud of myself to come into the program with an open mind. You helped me find my inner child and the power and beauty I have within. Thank you! God Bless You!" Ed Lalo Martinez – Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

"I wouldn't change anything about your program whatsoever. Your process allowed me the ability to leave behind the pain I came in with, and to take with me an immense amount of love that I did not have when I came here. I am so grateful!" Cathy Bradley – Mortgage Services Representative

"I definitely got what I came for. I feel comfortable in my own skin, I walk with my head held high and I look directly into the eyes of the person I'm speaking with. I'm interested in making sure I'm happy even if it doesn't make others happy. I'm willing to take the risk of rejection. I'm much more confident with who I am and I'm happier for it!" Crystal Cochran – Student

"I came away with so much more than I even imagined looking for and didn't even know it was there to find. My joy and my strength have been noted by those most important in my life and it is the most amazing gift." Erin Leebolt – Teacher and Dancer

"Leading From the Center was a life changing experience that provided me with an incredibly balanced, gentle process in which I was able to discover my heart, conquer my fears and free myself from my past. " Sheila Simmons – School District Executive

"I had an amazing, undefinable experience! Liberating!" Diane Schaubach - Grassroots Administrator

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Testimonials about the Leadership Team

"The Team was inspirational. To think that these are all real people giving their time is amazing. The leadership team was flawless. Modeling the spirit I was seeking. The occasional glimpses that the team is in fact human helped to reinforce that they are just real people who have worked hard and continue to work hard to be where they are….amazing." Jon Rotz - Teacher and Basketball Coach

"Their strength, guidance and empathy was always present. Their soft courage proved to me that you can defeat an army with a feather if properly applied." Mike Mudge – Cowboy - Retired

"How committed you all are to the success of the program and the experience for the participants! You honestly do “walk the talk”! You are an amazing team!" Michele Brown – Elementary School Principal

"What can I say, you guys were great. You worked so well together and presented a model of leadership and of a healthy family." Aldo Franchi – Psychologist

"I felt very secure in knowing that you were all there as guides – you were very supportive and encouraging." Kathryn Joy Peters – Therapist

"All of you have your unique personalities and insights. The amount of love and acceptance that you demonstrate is truly inspiring." Anita Evans – Accountant

"You guys are all awesome!" Jack Oudiz – Lead Instructor - Cal OSHA

"The leadership team portrayed a genuine support for each other and it was really great to watch such a unique example of great teamwork." Alicia Stammer – Organizational Consultant

"The individual personalities of each of the Leadership Team made this a wonderful learning experience for me." Valerie Ellsworth – Administrative Coordinator

"The Leadership Team was wonderful, they didn’t participate from afar, and they jumped right into the action." Kimberly Farmer - Student

"I liked your balance of playfulness and humor vs. seriousness. It made the learning, stretching, and even crying a genuine joy." Andrew Elowitt – Executive Coach/Consultant

"I thoroughly loved the Leadership group, you all are very special people and are very committed." Cindi Rowley - Housewife

"I loved your depth of knowledge from years of doing this type of training. There emanates from each of you a confidence that reassures the coaches and participants alike that you have a clear basis for this training. I liked the fairness and love you show." Jonathan Hyman – Sculptor

"The leadership team - I LOVE YOU GUYS! I always will! You are special, special people." Crystal Cochran – Student

"Leadership team and the coaches are a terrific bunch of people." Beverly Leniky - Therapist

"I loved the willingness of the leadership team to evolve and grow with every new idea. I love you people for doing this and doing it with your hearts open." Jonathan Hyman – Sculptor

"You were all great. I felt very loved and, most important, I felt listened to and my various triggers and fears were honored. I like the way you worked together – you all are amazing. " Anna Grose – Computer Analyst

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Testimonials from Coach Volunteers

"The collaborative model as presented by the Leadership Team and modeled throughout the training proved to be enormously impactful. I was repeatedly amazed at the direction the participants would ultimately go when given good information, goals, and the freedom and support to explore the options." Gordon Brown – Real Estate Investor

"I am deeply involved in my spiritually and I felt that this training is very much in keeping with my beliefs: love is the only real force in the universe, no one is broken, no one is better than another, we are not here to fix anyone, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. I felt fulfilled during this training." Jonathan Hyman – Sculptor

"The coaching experience was much more rewarding than I ever imagined!!! And fun, too!" Gordon Brown – Real Estate Investor

"What a great experience! I felt welcomed, listened to and respected. For me it is pure pleasure to give and receive and to be a part of such a wonderful experience." Aldo Franchi – Psychologist

"Coaching went well beyond what I hoped for. A deeply moving and regenerative experience." Bonny Mathe Helms – Therapist

"My coaching experience was much more than I hoped for! I have carried a heart, kindness, contributing focus around for days!" Jim Hardie – Consultant

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