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The files linked below are generally a web page, or a Word or pdf file. If you have trouble downloading or opening, let us know and we will be happy to send you the desired file in another format.

Workshop Registration and Training Materials
We get many requests for a list of book references and music references, as well as registration for Leading from the Center and other workshops. Registration generally is by email. 

Suggested Book List
Music List from Leading from the Center
Thoughts on...
Here are several documents that the Leadership Team has put together to help stimulate various discussions and exercises we've facilitated over the years. Left-click to open in a word processor or Adobe Reader, or right-click to download:
Authenticity Leadership Tradition and Celebration
Gratitude Change Trust
Happiness Rebirth Accessing Your Inner Wisdom
Faith Wisdom Blocks to Listening
Tools for Balance Taking Risks
Creating an Affirmation Being in the Moment
Another View of the PAC Model: Circle of Friends

Articles and Essays
In support of learning, sharing, and growth, we offer the following documents and links. This is copyrighted material. You are free to copy or use the information contained in these documents as long as they are properly referenced and attributed. Left-click to open in a wordprocessor or Adobe Reader, or right-click to download:

Past Issues of the Authentic News ALC Team
The Redecision Model of Change Chris Mathe
Redecision Therapy as a Process of New Belief Acquisition John R. McNeel
Redecision Therapy as a Process of New Belief Acquisition: Survival Injunctions John R. McNeel
Choosing a Personal Growth Program Chris Mathe
Buddhist Psychology Chris Mathe
The Role of Catharsis Chris Mathe
Metacognition Chris Mathe
Couples Work in Redecision Therapy Melody Bacon, Ph.D.
Healing Through Imagination using Redecision Therapy Melody Bacon, Ph.D.
Seven Facts about the Brain That Incline the Mind to Joy Rick Hanson, PhD
Fuzzy Logic Chris Mathe
Here are a few of the sites we have found that might be of interest or service to you:
Authentic Happiness - Great site for positive psychology. Lots of self assessments and info.
Bread For The Journey - The website of an organization that makes a huge difference in many communities around the world. It was founded by Wayne Muller, the author of How Then Shall We Live, the book around which our advanced training, Going Deeper, is organized. The book can be purchased at this site.
Authentic Counseling Associates - Great therapy from human therapists. Dr. Chris Mathe from Authentic Leadership Center does his therapy practice through this organization.


Sacramento Mediation Center - The Sacramento Mediation Center (SMC) provides confidential and neutral conflict resolution assistance to individuals, families, businesses, organizations, neighborhoods, and government agencies. In doing so, SMC creates unique opportunities for participatory decisions, interest-based resolutions, and peacemaking..


Charlie Nimovitz - A wonderful singer and songwriter whose music we use quite a bit in our trainings.

www.WiseBrain.org - Great site for news and tools for happines, love and wisdom.



The music in the introduction to this web site is Chariots Of Fire: Music From The Original Soundtrack - Original Master Recording, 1982, Mobile Fidelity. ALC is a member of BMI.




"Your process allowed me the ability to leave behind the pain I came in with, and to take with me an immense amount of love that I did not have when I came here. I am so grateful!" Cathy Bradley

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