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The ALC team offers learning and connecting opportunities about every other Thursday evening, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Get the exact dates here.

To keep these evening fresh and interesting, the format of each evening will vary. Expect to be surprised! The ALC team's intent is to provide each person that attends many different opportunities to gain new insights into themselves and to have tangible "take-aways."

The team's intent is also to provide flexible time each of these evenings for anyone wishing to do personal process work with one of the Leadership Team or an experienced coach.

The atmosphere of all of these evenings is welcoming, inclusive, and safe. They are open to anyone and no reservations are required - walk-in and come as you are. We request a donation of $15 per person and $25 per couple for these evening. Please come anyway if the donation is a challenge.

Living Authentically evenings are held at our center.Click here for a map.

Living Authentically is gently facilitated by one of the Leadership Team or one of our master coaches with the intention of producing a connected, inclusive, supportive, safe, and compassionate environment for personal growth.

“What can I say, you guys are great. You work so well together and present a model of leadership and of a healthy family.”
Aldo Franchi – Psychologist [More Testimonials]



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