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Our flagship program

Leading from the Center is an opportunity to identify what works and doesn’t work for you – to maximize what does, and reduce what doesn’t. It is a personalized, results-oriented program that focuses on authenticity, core-values, and personal choice. You'll gain a sense of confidence and clarity that impacts all facets of your daily life. All of this and a money-back gurantee of satisfaction.

Have you ever experienced that state where you instinctively know what's right for you to do? You are alive with passion and purpose. You can do anything. You are highly organized and effective in your work. You face the ups and downs of life with equanimity.


Cathi B.

What about the opposite?
Things just don't seem to be coming together. You don't know what to feel or do. You can't decide about an important relationship or career move; nothing is clear. Sometimes you don’t even know why you feel this way – just that things could be better. Life's promise seems far away.
Authentic Leadership Center offers a two-session training which is a supportive and transformative journey to nudge you back to the center of yourself – where true leadership begins. A leader is often charismatic or inspiring because they've mined the wealth of their own potential, and have learned to lead their life from the greatness within. ALC's team of counselors, facilitators, and coaches can help you do that.

Steve S.


The workshop is a carefully designed journey with you at its center. We don't have any dogmas or practices to impose upon you. Rather, we take you through a series of group and solo experiences that return you to your own center from where you can experience life with integrity, wholeness, and passion. DETAILS

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"I got a lot more than what I came for. I expected it to be inspiring and educational, but I did not expect it to be life-altering. " Alicia Stammer – Organizational Consultant

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