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CORPORATE SERVICES: Workshops and Seminars

The Authentic Leadership Center offers several workshops and seminars specifically designed for corporate venues. Each can be tailored to your organization and be presented on-site or at the ALC Training Center. Each of the events is presented and facilitated by one or more of the Managing Partners of ALC.

Communicating and Listening for Success

The capacity to listen deeply and communicate effectively are hallmarks of great leaders. This half-day seminar introduces simple and powerful models for listening and communicating, especially under stressful conditions. More importantly, the seminar includes several rounds of practice and feedback in a fun, safe, and powerful learning environment.

Conflict Resolution: Turning Conflict into an Asset

Conflict is responsible for many costly problems in the corporate environment including turnover, stress, delays, and poor decisions. This one day workshop examines various modes of conflict and effective approaches for conflict resolution. The workshop helps participants prepare to resolve existing, real conflicts and emphasizes hands-on practice and interactive discussion.

Optimism in the Workplace: Using Signature Strengths

Optimistic people, research shows, tend to be more productive and more effective leaders. This half-day seminar examines the components of optimism and how to cultivate it through the utilization of one's signature strengths. The seminar is based on the ground-breaking research into positive psychology by Dr. Martin Seligman. Participants will leave with an action plan to expand their capacity for optimism using their identified signature strengths.

Living Effectively: Aligning Goals, Strengths, and Time

When effective time management skills are combined with a thorough examination of personal and professional goals and strengths, extremely efficient and life affirming decisions are possible. This one day workshop helps each participant learn state of the art time management techniques and combine them with an in-depth examination of all the important areas of their lives. Each participant leaves with a personal plan for achieving their life goals. This is a fun, intense, and truly life affirming workshop that will make a difference in the lives of each attendee.

In addition to the workshops and seminars listed above, many organizations elect to sponsor their leaders through the ALC flagship leadership training: Leading from the Center. Participating in this truly amazing training can either be be a part of an executive coaching plan or a stand-alone leadership program.

Contact the Authentic Leadership Center to discuss how we might help your team or organization benefit from ALC's outstanding workshops and seminars


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"A good leader isn't afraid to roll up his/her sleeves and join in.  A good leader is willing to do whatever he/she asks of the team and is not afraid to help out when necessary."  Maril Cardwell - Managing Partner ALC




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