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Interested in being a volunteer coach for the Authentic Leadership Training? The ALC Team is committed to providing on-going coach training and skill-building as an important way to help people continue their growth and expand their emotional and technical abilities.

A half-day of coach skill-building takes place from 9:00am to about 12:00 pm at the ALC Center about 5 times per year. Offered free of charge, these training days are led by the ALC Team and mix lectures, group interaction, and role-playing to increase skills in listening, coaching, facilitation, conflict management, and more. If you want to find out when these meeting are offered, click here.

"What a great experience! I felt welcomed, listened to and respected. For me it is pure pleasure to give and receive and to be a part of such a wonderful experience." Aldo Franchi Psychologist


"Coaching was everything I hoped for, and more! Thank you for the continued opportunity to make a positive difference, continue my own personal growth, and have fun in the process! Tzedaka – I believe we are responsible for more than ourselves in this world, and for me, this is the ultimate place to make that kind of contribution." Lynn Marks – Director of Human Resources


"Coaching went well beyond what I hoped for. A deeply moving and regenerative experience." Bonny Mathe Helms – Therapist


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