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Many therapists and coaches regularly refer their clients to Leading from the Center, our two-session, eight-day workshop. They tell us that the program and its follow-up support are extremely effective adjuncts to on-going therapeutic and coaching efforts. For your clients, you probably seek to help them expand self awareness, release blocks to joy, strength, and passion, improve and enhance the ability to connect with others, and establish balance amidst extremely busy lives. These are exactly the outcomes we seek in Leading from the Center.
We Want to Work With You
The best outcomes can occur when we work collaboratively with your client and you so that their experience in Leading from the Center can be tailored to enhance and extend your already established therapeutic or coaching goals. All our participants collaborate with us to create a pre-training “success plan” – a statement of specific, measurable goals and the support systems necessary to continue their achievement after their training is over. You are a vital ally in the creation of this plan with your client, as well as the post-training support system so vital to on-going success and growth.
Is Your Client Ready?
Leading from the Center can be both physically and emotionally intense. Therefore, as a part of the success plan, we work very closely with each client to determine when Leading from the Center might best fit in their growth and personal objectives. Generally, the clients that are motivated to change and possess some self-awareness are the most successful in this type of intense experiential environment. Therefore, their success plan might call for their participation in the training several months in the future after additional therapy, coaching, education, or growth has taken place. You would, of course, be a vital part of this assessment process and the additional growth leading up to their participation in the training. We welcome your inquiries regarding our assessment protocols.
Opportunity for You
We make participation in Leading from the Center available to therapists and coaches at a substantial professional discount. Why might you consider attending one of our trainings? The most immediate answer is for your own personal growth – to really step into your own magnificence. Professionally, you and your clients will benefit greatly from your greater awareness, passion, connectedness, and balance. You would also have the opportunity to continually expand your skill set with our on-going coach training and, if you so desire, to coach with us in Leading from the Center. Lastly, you would gain first-hand experience of the deep, transformative change possible in the Leading from the Center training and therefore could better assess its benefits for your clients.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your clients and you.




“How committed you all are to the success of the program and the experience for the participants! You honestly do “walk the talk”! You five are an amazing team!” Michele Brown– Elementary School Principal

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