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Welcome to the Authentic Leadership Center

Authentic leadership is an expression of wholeness.
Easy to say. But sometimes challenging to be.

Authentic leadership starts within you so that the outward expression of leadership is a direct reflection of your internal landscape – your awareness, understanding, and acceptance of yourself and others. Leadership encompasses purpose, vision, effective communication, intention, and service. It is moved by how and what you value, where you place your attention, and a total commitment to your integrity.

Our programs and services help you enhance and integrate all of your abilities and strengths, and reduce or eliminate what does not serve you. They are designed to help you lead yourself with purpose and passion so that you can be a powerful part of your family, work, and community - moving what is right about you into the world. Hence, our tag line:
Your essence in action.

Leading from the Center
A powerful two-session, eight-day training incorporating the core concepts of collaboration, choice, personal leadership, and wholeness. The trainings are offered four times per year and include a money-back guarantee. The training includes three months of “Living Authentically” evenings to support integration and further learning.

Living Authentically
A twice monthly peer-led resource and support group. The group is open to anyone interested in building their skills, growth, and awareness. This includes Leading from the Center graduates continuing the work they began in their training, people considering the LC training who might want to get acquainted with the work and the facilitators, and others who simply want a safe and supportive community.

Coach Training
We offer quarterly evenings of coach skill-building as well as several one-day intensives for people considering volunteer coaching for Leading from the Center.

Workshops and Trainings
ALC offers a full array of personal growth opportunities. Our one, two, and three day workshops will help you heal, grow, and sharpen your skills for living a fully passionate and balanced life.

Corporate Services
The ALC team is skilled in executive coaching and development, team-building, and trainings that will increase productivity and decrease destructive conflict.


 Whats New, Seminars for Personal Change 

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018

Leading from the Center

We have new dates for our next  life-changing workshop, Leading from the Center. Here they are: 

Session 1: Mar 23-25 Session 2: Apr 11- 15

More here.

Living Authentically
Join us for our peer-lead emotional competency support group.

 Next meeting:  Feb 22nd 
6:30 - 8:30 pm

More here.

ALC Men's Group
Any man is welcome to attend the ALC Men's Group meeting on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of each  month. Next Meeting  is February 20th,
7:00- 9:00 pm

Video Testimonials
Click the camera for some real people talking about their experiences in the Leading From the Center training.

"I got a vast amount more than I came for. I was skeptical before I came, however it was the most incredible experience I have ever been through. It was revealing, growth producing, inspiring, and magical. It was work, and difficult at many junctions, however I felt safe, and loved enough to trust my coaches, leaders and the process. I am awed by the incredible attention to detail that the leaders have obviously put into every facet." Cathi Bunker - Sales Representative [More Testimonials]

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